FIRST Lego League

FIRST LEGO League is the most accessible, guided, global robotics competition, helping students and teachers to build a better future together. The program is built around theme-based Challenges to engage children in grades 4-6* in research, problem solving, coding, and engineering. The foundation of the program is the FIRST Core Values, which emphasize teamwork, discovery, and innovation. Students emerge more confident, excited, and equipped with the skills they need in a changing workforce.

Join Grandville FIRST Lego League !

Robotics Teams for Grandville 4th through 6th Graders!

The Grandville robotics program is excited to offer Lego League for students from 4th through 6th grade.  This year, students from each Grandville elementary school are invited to take part in the “City Shaper” challenge.

Our FLL teams are fun!  You will be teamed up with classmates from your elementary school and then: 

In the Robot Game, your team will:

  • Identify Missions to solve
  • Design, build and program a LEGO robot to complete the missions
  • Test and refine their program and design

Your Robot will have to navigate, capture, transport, activate, or deliver objects. You and your Robot will only have 2½ minutes to complete as many Missions as possible. So, be creative!

The the Innovation Project, your team will:

  • Identify a problem with a building or public space in your community
  • Design a solution.
  • Share your solution with others and then refine it.

At the Regional tournament on Saturday, November 23, your team will present your Project, including the problem, your solution, and how you shared it, in a 5-minute presentation and also compete in the Robot Game with your robot.

Please register your child by Monday, August 26.

To register your student in Grades 4, 5 and 6 for VEX IQ or Lego League, go to

All Grandville FIRST Lego League teams will compete with many other teams at the 14th Annual Grandville Regional Lego League Tournament on November 23 at Grandville High School.  They will present their Project, and compete with their robot. 

Teams will practice every week in their elementary school while they come up with a solution to this years game!   


FIRST® LEGO® League introduces young people in grades 4-6* to the fun and excitement of science and technology, while building self-confidence, knowledge, and valuable career and life skills. The program challenges students to think like scientists and engineers. Alongside adult coaches and mentors, teams solve problems and learn engineering concepts, presentation techniques and programming. FIRST LEGO League was created through a partnership between FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and the LEGO® Group. *Ages vary by country


  • Learn teamwork skills
  • Research challenges facing today’s scientists
  • Design, build, and program autonomous robots

The FIRST Lego League 2019 game is: City Shaper.   

What if you could build a better world? Where would you begin?

More than ever, we must come together to innovate and solve problems. In FIRST, you are part of a thriving community brimming with inspiration, creativity, and hope for a stronger, more sustainable future—one that’s built better together. You have the power to help the cities, towns, and places you call home reach new heights. With the support of the FIRST community, this is your opportunity to lead our future forward—and up.

Link to the Game Manual/Rules.